Volksworld Show 2015 – new apparel & goods

2012-03-23 15.58.45

Not long now for the 2015 Volksworld show, we’ve been crafting new design t shirts and hoodies for you for spring 2015 season, along with new art work posters, decals, sunglasses, trucker hats and accessories (we will be updating our new merch to the web site straight after the show) – also off to print now is team aquaphobics baja poster designed at rothfink, which can be picked up from the show for a small donation, with all proceeds going to charity, so make sure you go and get one.
The show its self with see us with 12 rothfink classic rides ( you gonna love it), dj’s and band which will be sat outside our store in the grandstand area all weekend, so why not pop over and check us out, have a chat and sit back and enjoy – our thing, everyone most welcome, you know it 😉 Team Rothfink