Volksworld 2015 – Show report

Rothfink Industries at Volksworld 2015

Well, what can we say about this show other than awesome.

It was genuinely like a blur for us. We rocked up, set up, and boom we were right into the gales on Sunday afternoon packing up in 2 inches of mud and crazy winds and rain.

We’ll see you next year!

Everything in 2m30secs

The Rothfink Lineup

rothfink volksworld2015-3713

rothfink volksworld2015-3716

rothfink volksworld2015-3723

rothfink volksworld2015-3722

rothfink volksworld2015-3727

rothfink volksworld2015-3735

rothfink volksworld2015-3734

rothfink volksworld2015-3737

rothfink volksworld2015-3739

rothfink volksworld2015-3738

rothfink volksworld2015-3743

rothfink volksworld2015-3744

rothfink volksworld2015-3745



rothfink volksworld2015-3746

rothfink volksworld2015-3747

rothfink volksworld2015-3749

rothfink volksworld2015-3750

rothfink volksworld2015-3751

rothfink volksworld2015-3752

rothfink volksworld2015-3753

rothfink volksworld2015-3754

rothfink volksworld2015-3756

rothfink volksworld2015-3759

rothfink volksworld2015-3760

rothfink volksworld2015-3761-2

rothfink volksworld2015-3770

rothfink volksworld2015-3776

rothfink volksworld2015-3771

rothfink volksworld2015-3815

The rest / don’t expect consistency

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