The Name’s Bond – Jordan’s Fastback

Now picture this, honestly it’s not too far fetched; Can you imagine a wagon of this calibre forever immortalised on the silver screen, being ragged sideways around some glitzy European capital by her majesty’s finest secret service agent?

Hot chick conveniently and strategically unbelted in the passenger seat, tossed from side to side barely clothed. You can’t picture that? You must have an under active imagination. This head-turner is exactly that. A head-turner.

How about this for the latest Bond Girl? The Fastback we mean. She’s no granny just yet, as these beauties were real movers and highly desired upon release because the car is actually “a one year only 1967 model. Meaning the parts are very rare” claims Bond. So with that in mind, surely it must be nigh on impossible to source parts these days? In fact, probably would need a secret service agency to track down the various bits and bobs required to keep this darling on the road. But Bond has done well, he has already managed to “find some niche parts such as Z trim arm rests, rear arm rests, NOS front mirror, window winders and I also found the cables for my seat runners which I have been told are very hard to find in working order.”

You’ve served well. So Jordan, how did you get the bug for air-cooled vehicles?

“My passion for Volkswagen’s originated from my fathers love for them at a young age. I was lucky enough to purchase my own Polo by the age of 16, but I always wanted to have my own air cooled.”

That’s reason enough, the old man drilling it into you about the historical and cultural importance of these pieces. Chapeau Mr Bond (Snr).

How about the scene, you active?

“I have spent many European holidays and shared enough happy memories at shows and was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks touring the US visiting several shows. After my 19th birthday I was lucky enough to purchase my 1967 right hand drive Fastback off my parents. The car had sat on our drive for several months as one of my dad’s upcoming projects. I immediately fell in love with the car and wanted it to be mine. I then began to save up for the car then I was able to buy it off of them to make it my own.”

This wouldn’t be the first documented case of a youngster getting around his folks to their advantage. I must say, your sourcing rare parts and parent-nagging are both impeccable skills, tell me, what other work has she seen?

“When I first purchased the car it was an unfinished project. Unfortunately for me the previous owner had had the car re-sprayed over the original sea sand beige paint. The car had been broken down and separated into several boxes. The 1641 CC engine with twin DRLAs had been supplied but needed a touch of TLC to get back up and running. A friend of mine was able to keep the car in his unit where we spent many late nights and weekends fitting the car together. After 2 months of graft with little mechanical knowledge we were able to get it up and running for the MOT.”

“The previous owner had also had the interior re-trimmed and bought TMI door cards. After trying to fit these I finally came aware of the fact they were for a later fastback. I visited my local trimmer Chris at Retro Re-trims and had the fastback booked in for a full makeover. I was tied with the idea of red interior for a while but finally went with the original basket weave in black on the seats and went for a twist on the carpet but still stayed with the original feel.”

I must say, it looks fantastic. There’s no need to try and imagine how this car looked in 1967, it looks phenomenal in 2014. So how far have you gone with the Fastback? You ever gone to the continent to show her off?

“I attended as many shows as I could in 2013 in the Fastback, but at the time wasn’t confident enough to take the car abroad to Buggin’. So I jumped in with my mate Lee and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended. So bring on 2015 where the Fastback can finally make its very own appearance at Buggin’.”

So Jordan, whats your aspirations other than travelling with the Fastback this year? Any other things you need to do to her?

“The car is still yet to be tweaked and turned to take it to the big plans I have in mind. Eventually I plan to have the bumpers re- chromed and I’m contemplating swapping to a Type 1 beam upfront on air shocks.”

Gutsy! That would nail this project. Make sure you keep us up to date with developments.

Any other notable information on her?

‘Well, after uploading some pictures of the Fastback online, some of the previous owners actually messaged me with some interesting facts about the car. She had previously been owned by a doctor, which was then sold onto his neighbour. During this time the car itself made an appearance in a several British hit TV shows such as ‘A Touch of Frost’ and even the legendary ‘The Sweeney’!

Not quite the James Bond-esque scene we’d over zealously painted, but then again, ’The Sweeney’ is a British institution in itself, and hopefully this was used in some high octane scenes! We can completely understand why they used her.

Well Mr Bond, Rothfink Industries would like to literally high five you for allowing us the chance to work with this incredible piece, it’s been enthralling, do you have any shout outs or honourable mentions?

“Yeah, I would like to thank all my family and close friends for all their help and especially my dad for the hours he put in helping me and for getting me in to the Volkswagen scene.”

Another Rothfink Industries exclusive.

Art direction / Alex Mills (RFI) / Jason Cooper (RFI)
Photos by Alex Mills (RFI)
Vehicle / Jordan Bond’s Fastback
Model / Miss Annelieza