InProfile: The Lowly Gentleman – Early Bay Window UK

The lowly gentleman - early bay window UK

The Lowly Gentlemen, The Scrape Bus, that bodydropped bay, whatever you call it there is one thing that still remains the same with this bus, an early bay window from the UK and it’s incredible!

And it just so happens that the owner of this rather special bay window only lives a few miles away, we thought it would be rude not to go and pay him a visit…

Words and photos by Andrew Thompson for Rothfink Industries

We headed off early Saturday morning to our shoot location, there was still a bit of snow around from a snow shower a few days before. As we were setting up, we heard the sound of the bus ‘snow ploughing’ / scraping its arse through the country lanes.

Ian jumped out with a grin on his face stretching from one ear to the other, there was no surprise as to why he was so happy, who wouldn’t be owning this bus.

The Lowly Gentlemen was originally a deluxe micro bus with a 1600cc which was imported from the States. It was T2D’s demo vehicle for a while and Matt Balls worked on the bus giving it a 4” body drop!

The bus has been fitted with hydraulics which means Ian can raise or lower the bus at a flick of a switch, which makes it very practical although as we found out the bus rarely goes up!

Up front the bus is running a set of Porsche 944 hubs with disc brakes and an 8” narrowed beam! Major front and rear chassis notches were needed to get the bus running how it is and steering box had to be raised.

Most of the panels are still original on the bus and so is the paintwork, the only areas that have been painted are around the sign writing where different logos have been painted during different ownership.

Since seeing Ian with the bay he has now moved on and owns ‘The Sled’ an even lower splitty! (Is that even possible??) Watch this space, we hope to catch up with Ian in the near future. The Lowly G has moved on and now has new paint, you may not recognise it at first but when you here it scraping you will know what is under that fresh paint job.

Photography and words for Rothfink Industries by our man, Andrew Thompson Photography.

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