SSVC (Split Screen Van Club) Viccy Farm Report 2014


Photos and words by Steve Maddison

Every year, the Split Screen Van club hold it’s clubs AGM which is the 1st bank holiday in may every year – hosted by the welcoming Eddie Partridge – cheers Eddy, family and everone involved in making our little trip down so much fun.

Members are welcome from Friday to Monday, we couldn’t head down until early saturday, so missed a lot of the chillaxing time Saturday, which was a shame.

We had an interesting journey, lost count of the amount of breakdowns and hiccups, but we did all ‘eventually’ turn up safely… and you can’t beat a few breakdowns to give you a thirst – let the party begin!

Unfortunately….the party DID begin, as my headache on Sunday morning was testament too, but as they say, you cant make an omlette without breaking some eggs….or something like that. So, bright and early Sunday morning and over 200 split screen buses in a long line caused about 14miles of road blockages sorry to all the folks nipping out on Sunday morning who had to wait as junctions for about 30minutes.

The convoy, as usual lead us to Stanford Hall VW show….what a show, NEVER enough time to see everything going on, so after a quick once around the stalls we spent most the day enjoying the amazing sunshine (and managing to buy the polo headlight I didnt buy their last year…still on the same stall with the same seller….only half the price this year.

Back in the buses and a quick blast back to Viccy farm (and several wrong turns with convoy of slow buses to follow LOL) and Sunday night is quiz night & charity auction.

DuMbenhams quiz team did exceptionally BAD, just as we expected, and to anyone who saw a man in green pants with dubious stains on the inner thighs, I spilt a drink down them, honest i did guv.

Another great Charity auction, Dubenhams goody bag included and the good karma was returned when i won a random box of old magazines that was full of 1964 VW safer motoring mags, the year of my bus, so yep, the sun really did shine down on us all weekend

BIG thankyou to Boyden, Jayfor and Tony from the SSVC, who really helped in getting my newly found original Devon roof rack into my hands, Congratulations to Suzie on becoming the new club President, well done to all the owners who put in their buses for the bus of the year

MASSIVE thankyouy to Eddy & his family, ALL the commitee members of the club for once again putting on without a doubt, the best get together of the year, and it all ended with a fautless 180 mile steady drive home with no issues AND a double whopper half way
Roll on next year….. cheers steve maddison for Rothfink

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