InProfile: Type3 Contingent, Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to the first instalment of Rothfink Industries’ ‘InProfile’. News dedicated to exposing and profiling your clubs and meets from around the world. Interested in being featured? Get in touch. This first instalment features the Type3 Contingent based in Melbourne, Australia …. read on ….

words: Christopher Eccles
pictures: Raphael Recht, Slow & Low Photography, Adam Empi, Leigh Spokes & Pistons.


christopher-ecclesHi there folks, my names Christopher Eccles and I have been asked by my friends over at Rothfink to do write ups on my crew and our local scene in Melbourne so I’ll get the ball running and give you a little run down on the history of our crew, type 3 contingent.

About three years ago after having a couple kids and moving out to the suburbs it was time to hang up the bike and buy a car, my wife and I had been living inner city for many years so rode a bike daily. this turned into an obsession with bikes and I started collecting bikes.

This got outta hand, had a couple kids and had to move further out from the city. I was doing 500 plus KM a week and started looking for a car. I was looking at Holdne wagons for work and my wife said, just buy a type 3 as you always wanted one and so i did. got myself a 71 auto type 3 notch I had named Miss Vivie after a dear friend of the family as they were both older and a heap of fun. after owning her for some time a few of the lads started buying vws and before you know it we had a crew of VW owners who all knew each other.

Heres a pic of my pride and joy Miss Vivie:



So we started having BBQs together and rolling to shows together and noticed there was something missing in the Australian scene, there was no type 3 love and so we decided to name our little crew type 3 contingent and start to do our own stuff. We started having working bees at each others houses and doing car stuff as a group, it soon begin to grow and then we decide to start making some stickers and clothing for the lads involved and to show our presence.

We are not a club, just a bunch of mates that started something and in the time we have doing things we have made many friends from all over the world that we started sending stickers out too, trying to get a community feel to it in which I feel we have had success in this blog I’ll be here to keep you up to date on happenings over here and on some current builds we got amongst us in the crew, there are a few cars in current stages of builds and I’ll try pop to them and get shots and keep you guys all up to date. heres a link to our face book page, we post on there regularly and all our BBQ runs and working bees are posted in the events section on our page, there is also the hashtag on instagram #type3contingent we do a monthly coffee run, 1st sat every month, 10am, Salford lads club, corner of fennell and Bridge Streets, Port Melbourne.

Heres some shots and videos from our coffee runs that we been doing for 2 years now:

We travel to shows together and park together, one we went too recently was Day of the VW, it was a great day weather wise and a few of the lads come home with trophies, heres some shots from day of and another on our calendar that happened of late was the Revolks Cruise, this is a weekend campout in a coastal town that ends on the Sunday with about 60 of us heading along the coast to Geelong for a show and shine to end the event, its a great event and must as many come from interstate for this event, heres some pics from Revolks campout:











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