Model / Ruby Jewel
Ride courtesy / Bob Coply
Featured in UltraVW, 2014.
Photos / Alex Mills (Rothfink)

Bob Copley’s, ‘Jack’s Supermarket Kangaroo Flat Bus’ panel van is something that us guys at Rothfink had already spotted before at Busfest, Malvern.

We saw it about two years earlier in the SSVC camp area and its the kind of bus we are always on the hunt for as it ticks all our boxes: its a 1956 right hand drive gem, Bob’s bus has perfect sign writing & patina, it has a very well thought out and executed interior and most of all, crys history. Bob has owned his bus for severn years now and its great to hear that he continues to use it for camping trips all over the country with his wife.


The bus was originally used as a small-time supermarket delivery van in the late 50’s early 60s in Bendigo, a major regional city in the state of Victoria, Australia (approximately 150 kilometres north west of the state capital, Melbourne). Bob has himself a little mission in the upcoming months as he’s off to Australia is to try and find out a bit more about these small supermarkets. Is there more of these great looking buses out there or is Bob’s bus the only known one in the world? It would definitely be nice to know for sure.


Back to planet Busfest, and whilst the Sunday trade warmed up, we left behind Kirky and Chloe looking after the stall as we headed out in the sun to do our photoshoot in the Split Screen Van Club field. We had our eyes on it being used as a poster pullout that we have been doing for UltraVW magazine for well over a year now. In addition to that, we just wanted to shoot it as it is a great bus. We’d already got in touch with Ruby Jewel, as we’d shot her before and knew she’d compliment the shoot perfectly – so with our overpriced pasties in our grubby mitts, we headed off to capture these things of beauty.



Big shouts to Bob for letting us use his great bus, Nigel, the ssvc and last but not least our friend Ruby Jewel. be sure to check back soon as we have a lovely Lowlight ghia feature coming up, a 1949 super slammed beetle, a single cab splitty plus a rad trekker.









Model / Ruby Jewel
Ride courtesy / Bob Coply
Featured in UltraVW, 2014.
Photos / Alex Mills (Rothfink)

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