InProfile: Manabu Suzuki’s – 1960, 23 Window ‘Micro Bus’ Japan

Manabu aka ‘Busrider’ spotted his 23 window deluxe way back in 1994 in San Jose, California. It was pitifully sitting in the sellers backyard without a motor and almost everything interior wise was missing, but the bus you could say was a very good deal, considering how cool it is now.

Straight after the deal was stuck he quickly started his parts collecting mission, his first job was to fit a 1641cc engine – plus static lower his ride,  Manbu managed to strip and repaint his deluxe before returning back home to Japan.

After the bus was shipped back to Manabu’s homeland he soon hooked up with his man -Kizaki from KM Engineering who soon put his magic into upgrading the engine up to a super 1885cc engine,  a wagenwest front beam, and with the real need to go lower, Kizaki and Manabu modified an air ride system to get the bus to sit low as possible – all that is left now after all these years is picking up some rare accessories and hitting the road.

Manabu would like to thank his friends at KM Engineering


契約は、彼はすぐにミッションを集める彼の部品を始め貼り付けたストレートの後、彼の最初の仕事は、1641ccのエンジンに合わせていた – プラス静的彼の乗車を下げ、Manbu、ストリップ、日本に戻って帰国前に彼のデラックスを再描画することができた。

バスは学の故郷に戻って出荷された後、彼はすぐにすぐにスーパー1885ccエンジン、wagenwestフロントビームへのエンジンまでのアップグレードに彼の魔法を置くKMエンジニアリングから彼の男-Kizakiとフックアップし、実際の必要性と低く行くこと、木崎と学は、バスができるだけ低く座って取得するためのエアライドシステムを修正 – すべてのことは、すべてのこれらの年後にいくつかのまれなアクセサリーを拾って、道路に当たっている今残されている。