It’s simple. We’re passionate in bringing you the finest in rides and hides. We have minds-wide-open, ears-to-the-ground and ideas overflowing our collective brain. From slammed rides and creative mashup photoshoots to down-and-out sweet lifestyle apparel … all brought to you with a twist!



We’re not ones to waste your time with ‘same old same old’, we’re dedicated to crafting you regular roundups from the world scene, rides of the week, exclusive video, competitions, plus, of course, our own-brand pulp-pinup-photo-graphical mashup style. Operating out of our South Wales lock-up full‘o’ and rust, we’re there night after night crafting the finest in visual treats for the nostalgic voyeur.


We have something for even the most distinguished connoisseur. From sticker decals to custom design tees, from limited edition hoodies to bespoke vehicle graphics, plus everything in between. For whatever your ride, we’ve got something in our store.

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