InProfile: James Murtough’s – 57 Low Light Ghia – Black Nailed UK

So the story goes like this, I has just sold the air square and had some cash. I always regretted selling my first LL which has since been known as the Low Light The Zombie.

I mentioned to a friend in Cali known as Jer Fab I was after one and he said he might have just the thing. An old gent he knew and spannered for had just passed away and his family were looking to move on his ghia. It turned out to be an early 57 original black paint, black plate one owner LL, jackpot and a deal was done for $3000 :))))) even bigger jackpot.

It stayed in the states for about 9 months while a 8 inch tough guy air beam, check out the end plates and you will see why it’s called it. Discs fitted upfront and 4 inch dropped springplates.

It’s arsenal was dragged on to a low loader and it was shipped this was all about two years ago. It sat in my garage for about a year while I seperated from my wife, then I got the urge to get it on the road. It sat two low on the 4 inch plates so I switched it to 2’s. dumped the crash box and fitted a 1500 box from a 72 bug. Brakes were all switched to Porsche pattern and detailed fuch from puppy fitted. Engine is a 1641 ported and polished running 36’s. zaust is a A1 ceramic sidewinder.

Interior was hammered so seats were recovered in Swansea by a chopper lover in diamond stich tan vinyl, door cards are kitsch aligator hide, i would like to big up my crew the RSVP and the guys from Rothfink.