Steve Vonoppen (Belgium)picked this beauty up back in 2014 when a good friend of his joined him for a roadtrip to Sweden to trailer this baby back to Belgium. We have a soft-spot for notchbacks, so when we saw Steve’s, we wanted to know a little bit more….

My name is Steve Vanoppen I am from Belgium. My ride is a Volkswagen notchback 1500S produced 1965, in sea blue. The engine had a complete rebuild to 1641cc with original twin carburettors and a complete engine-bay cleaning.

The front beam is a 5inch narrowed bug-beam with one single bag in the centre, dropped spindles and adapters to 5×130 rolling on Porsche wheels

Only the back is lowered with adjustable spring plates, the other brake drums without holes and drilled holes again to 5×205 and 5×130 for the Porsche wheels

The wheels in front are narrowed to 4,5×17 inch rear wheels are 7×17 inch, complete with a polish and black detailing featuring original Porsche chrome centre-caps Chrome and detailed.

The front tyres are 165/40/17 and the rear tyres 195/40/17, which are all Nangkang.

The air-ride system is hidden in the trunk

Which has been cleaned up, which also has the extra heating system (all original)

The interior is all original and untouched.

Thanks to Steve for sending us through the info and pics!
You can follow Steve on instagram @nopke_lupke

Photo’s by Bert Driesmans @drieske77

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