Rothfink Industries friend Manabu Kanda famous for his ‘Kalifornialook’ Custom Culture website in japan, and also his 1956 Oval Window Beetle ‘Beer Gold’ 

Yokohama city just south of Tokyo is probably most famous for ‘Moon Eyes’ custom parts emporium, supplying the hot rod, vw’s scene with its fine goods. It also hails ‘Kalifornialook‘ a custom culture website bringing you finest hot rod, vw scene in japan.

Manabu’s 1956 Oval has been a true labour of love, which has taken him nineteen slow years to perfect his ride, it runs a sweet 1776cc horse power which was built by a Tokyo-based VW specialist One Low.

Beer Gold was painted K-Line Kustom Work ozo just outside yokohama, which specialises in metal work and paint and is often detailed by the vw scenes No 1  in japan – and1Detail

Manbu’s  car was a turquoise green in its former look, but was refreshed to the new color scheme he refers it to his favourite drink Corona, so named it ‘Beer Gold’. Additional custom work was added with the bumpers removed plus front turn signals have also been smoothed out.

Centreline Alloys and the tires also add to the retro style, with skinny 135-width Michelins in the front and big 215/70 Firestone in the rear which gives it the street rake stance.

An Auto Meter tachometer with its custom mount, a Hurst shifter and a Moon gas pedal plus trinkets, gives beer gold the added Cal look vibe.

We would like to thank manabu for the info and the photos of his great beetle and why not pop onto his ace web site 

Instagram – Kalifornia

1,776cc flat-four built and blueprinted by One Low, dual Kadron carburetors, BEE HAUS ceramic-coated exhaust system

Narrowed beam with lowered front end

Centerline 15×3.5-inch (front) 15×7-inch (rear) Michelin 135/SR15 (front) Firestone 215/70/15 (rear)

Custom ‘Beer Gold’ paint by K-Line, removed bumpers, smoothed front turn signals, shaved hood ‘Volkswagen’ emblem

Restored interior with early model type-1 steering wheel, Autometer tach with custom mount, Hurst shifter, Moon gas pedal

Thanks: Kanda-san would like to thank One Low, K-Line, K&M Machine Service, Mooneyes