InProfile: Erik’s T3 Magnum Doka

After a twist of fate landed Erik with a chance to get his hands on this 1991 Magnum Doka – he’s now the proud owner of the only registered T3 Doka in Finland. We catch up with him to find a little more about this ‘Doppelkarbine’ beast.

Words: Erik Huurros
Photos: @flomediaofficial / Jonne Mattila

Erik, tell us how you got your hands on the ride?

A friend of mine was about to get married and needed the money so finally got the car in 2017. I was trying to get my hands on it for a few years.

So, tell us what work have you had done?

It’s got static suspension: TA-technix/AVO parts (adjustable front shocks) with rear spring top housing raised about 80mm.

8/10×17” Artec L edition wheels

Caravelle bus seats, co-driver has a swivel seat base

Complete stainless-steel exhaust from Brickwerks

Any stories?

I suppose it’s the only registered Magnum Doka in Finland at the moment. It was brought from Sweden where it serviced at least as a camper.

And your ultimate machine?

I think it’s got to be the Magnum!

What project have you got next?

I feel like all of my cars are unfinished projects. At the moment I’m working on my estate Passat 35i G60 syncro. After that probably need to get my hands onto my B5 S4 sedan Audi.

For the Magnum I’m supposed to upgrade brakes next. I have all the parts to remove the rear drums and install disc brakes instead.

Any favourite VW shows?

Zerksee by Wolfsgruppe @ Poland, previously named VAG event

Any shout outs?

First of all huge thanks to my spouse who puts up with me. I’d also like to thank my little brother and a few friends who have been helping with everything over the years: Roni, Roope and Risto.

Huge shout outs to Erik for taking time to give us a bit more info on this amazing T3 Magnum – we’re just loving that stance! Thanks also to Jonne Mattila for the photos!


Words: Erik Huurros
Photos: @flomediaofficial / Jonne Mattila

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