Freddy Files 2013, Ninove

Having never been to Freddy Files’ annual Ninove meet, we jumped at the opportunity to head over on the continent for the 2013 meet. Left South Wales via The Old Dub Shop in Bristol to pick up Spence (owner of BAMBAM as shot for Hayburner in recent shoot) – and we headed down to Folkestone for a swift fly through the Eurotunnel.

Ok, we’re not royalty, but the Premier Inn was extra starchy and comfy that night …

Up at 5am Saturday to get an early Eurotunnel.

Easy cruise through France into Belgium in our Rustbus on to Witkap Brewery, our destination meeting point.

Had great time catching up with friends old and new … we then parked up in town ahead of an early night (joke) obviously we hit the town hard and partied like it was nineteen-ninety-nine.

Woke abruptly to a loud Bristolian hammering the door … lets just say that the 30mins sleep wasn’t enough. Anyway, it was showtime … met Freddy at the gates and parked up. Quick time for a brew and then took our time checking out some of the best aircooled machines in Europe.

Was a great time – worth every minute of the journey – and looking forward to next year!


Street lineup – the car second from right is worth about 80k at least!


karmann_ghia_lowlight - the zombie

The Zombie!


Lowlight Ghia


‘Smile’ as we pass Matt Balls’ slammed aircooled mk3 Golf.


Another Ghia on way to Ninove


Marco’s Notchback


Porsche 356




Line up – photo by Danny Rose … spot the Rothfink rustbus 🙂



Video from Rob Underwood