Cyprus – 1956 RHD Deluxe VW Beetle

Cyprus is a 1956 RHD Deluxe Beetle owned by Steve Hall of Malton, North Yorkshire. It left the factory in February, bound for Cyprus (hence the name) and its new owner.

After spending many a year transporting its owners around the island, gathering 2 coats of paint, first white and then the red that you now see in all its faded glory, it was found looking rather sorry for its self in a farmer’s field.

The car was then brought back to the UK where it sat in a barn for 10 years before Steve purchased it. The car was delivered to Fairbank and Craven in Scarborough, with the brief of lower and narrow the car, and make it solid without taking away any of its character where possible. Once all the welding was done (one floorpan and heater channel, along with A pillars and rear bumper mounts) the wheels of choice were offered up.

The wheels are BTR (which is rumoured to stand for Better than Robby’s, a competitor to BTR who also make off road buggy wheels) and come in 4” & 7” widths. Due to the offset of the wheels the front beam had to be narrowed 5.5”, and a pair of adjustable dropped rear spring plates bring Cyprus down to the desired altitude.

The interior, or lack of it, is original and shows its true age not so well – but Steve doesn’t seem too fazed by that, along with an original VDO rev counter that is mounted centrally in the radio grill. The engine at present is a single port 1600, but a 36hp motor is currently being built that will have a Judson Supercharger bolted to it for a touch of Vintage Speed.

The first show Cyprus attended was the Ben Pon show in Amersfoort, Belgium, which was a great way of breaking the engine in and finding any niggles that required ironing out.

As with most things, this is a work in progress, so things may change, but Steve is a firm believer that original is best – so any changes made won’t be true drastic.

We caught up with Steve at Field of Dreams Aircooled Festival in Yorkshire, along with Amelia Belle.

Photography:Alex Mills (Rothfink)
Art Direction: Alex Mills (Rothfink) / Jason Cooper (Rothfink)
Model:Amelia Belle
Ride courtesy of: Steve Hall