InProfile: Brett ‘Skiboy’ Atherton’s 1973 Bug – Rowland UK


So, here we go..

I Bought my 1973 Bug Now called Roland in August last year, in which i got to work straight away with the urgent stuff I wanted done on it starting with a MOT lol, i Bought chrome banded rears, painted up the front steels and added white wall tyres, using 195/65 on the back to compensate for the 2 spline drop my good friend Steve M done for me. I then purchased some US Towel Rail bumpers, heritage roof rack and green visor. I dropped the engine out and stripped and re-built in full.

This was enough for me for the time being as I wanted to go to brands hatch for Volksworld VW 25th Anniversary bash and Santa Cruz Bristol in the December. I completed both these runs then put her back in my workshop to strip it down to see what real work was needed … And as always there was a fair bit.

So basically from that time last December it’s been in my workshop having shed loads of welding done, I’ve put Slopers on the front end, fitted a tatty ivory interior with tatty steering wheel, full ice install with 6×9’s and Xplod Sub and JBL Amp running off a pioneer head unit. Took my tank out to colour match the red front steels, new rear wings, long bonnet, new front & rear panels and a patina paint for the big rust effect … My only job to do now is fit the 1641 engine from my rod into it.

That’s it in a nutshell Dudes!

Thanks Brett! – photo credits to our man Daz at Dub shots